MP3/Script File problem

All of a sudden all my MP3’s in my PC turned into Script Files. I admit I’m not all that knowledgeable when it comes to MP3’s and burning them, but how the hell do I turn those Scirpt files back into MP 3 form? The file won’t open and I’m clueless on how to convert it to MP3 again. If someone knows… please help a newbie out, this has been killing me the last 3 days. How could this have happened? I use Music Match by the way, if that even matters.:confused:

It’s possible that your pc got infected by a virus :frowning:

Install a virusscanner, that all you can do, your mp3 files are probably overwritten with .vbs files and so they are all deleted :frowning:

Oh man I hate Viruses, I just got “clean” with one starting up a clone of MiRC only called Sobre Mirc. It mad my HD full of bad sectors etc etc. deleted all my movies, links, mp3s etc etc :frowning: sniff sniff Viruses are funny to play with buuuuuuuut way to bitched to leave behide (Allmost like som women LoL) :cool:

But yeah sounds like some bitched MP3 vira :mad:

Hmmz just try to add the files in winamp and try if they are still readable with it…if that works…all you have to do is just rename them back!

:mad: Well yes I was a victim of a dirty little virus. Screwed up all my MP3’s:mad: My friend was able to remove it and actually recovered all 2,000 of my MP3’s:cool: Thanks !!!