Mp3 Ripping under Windows XP

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First run this file (EnableMp3.reg) and after that run regedit.
Then follow the insructions written on this…

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Get a copy of exact audio copy. Rip all the CDs you want. This isn’t difficult.

Hi Well, I did the modifications to the registry. The MP3 options become available, BUT when it comes to encoding the audio I get an error message sounding: Windows Media Player cannot play the file. One or more codecs required to play the file cannot be found. Well, what can I do to get a codec and make it work with WMP8? Cheers RubberDuck

I’m workin’on it! For now the best work-around is to use the lowest bitrate :frowning: . You’ll have to choose the bitrate you preferfor your mp3’s, set that as lowest in the registry and it works like a charm. Seems like the guys at M$ aren’t stupid after all :4 . Maybe someone can crack this???

People that are trying to rip and encode with media player are stupid. Pick up a copy of Exact Audio Copy to rip and Lame to encode with. You don’t have to use Microsoft’s built in crap apps for everything! There are free 3rd party tools that produce much higher quality!

try this page - - there is a article towards the bottom with mp3 and dvd software

To fb-: No need to call people names!! :frowning:

What’s the big deal about not being able to rip MP3s with XP? You couldn’t do this with any other previous Windows version either, without extra software. As fb- said just use EAC and LAME :slight_smile: