MP3 Restrictions



Hi all,

Just wondering how certain artists seemingly ‘block’ their music from P2P Programs. I’m using BearShare and have noticed artists like Delta Goodram are almost impossible to d/load, while other artists have too many d/loads to mention. Is there a way around this (other than using the P2P Program you think is all-time)?
Also, some artists like Johnny Virgil not only have the same ‘blocking’ applied, but if at all available, only come in WMA Protected content. Is there a way around this? I have a program to change the format to MP3s, but don’t know how to remove the protection and/or access more files - obviously so I can determine this artist is worth buying CDs from…
W. :cool:


Read the rules we can’t help you, even though you are saying you are trying before buying.


Use the donkey.


Why use the donkey? In a few server upgrades it will be dead as the proverbial do-do as they are not maintaining it anymore going by the news about MM, therefore likely to loose compatability with the network and other clients on it.