MP3 Question

I have a CD that I want to rip the tracks to mp3pro format to use in my mp3 player. There are several tracks that segue into the next one. How do I maintain the segues without having breaks in between those tracks? What software should I use and how do I do it then? Any help is greatly appreciated.


Well I hope this helps somebody out there. I found the answer to my question. JetAudio 5 Plus does the job perfectly. It’s well worth the price of admission. It even supports the MP3Pro format which I happen to like a lot even though it appears to be unpopular.

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Still for anyone out there that might have the same problem there is another solution. Exact Audio Copy also does the job well, is less expensive, but doesn’t support MP3Pro (as far as I know). It’s a little more complicated to use but works just the same. If anyone needs help on how to do this using EAC, I’ll be glad to post instructions.

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