Mp3 question

i have a mp3 that is 82 mb’s there any way to break it up so i can put it on 2 cd’s?thanks.


If you meant 82 minutes, just overburn it.

Is it longer than an overburn will allow?

If so simply use your favorite audio editing program such as audacity (my pick) to save selections of audio. Then burn to two cds

It is sometimes possible to get an 82 min file on an 80 min CD, but sometimes the last part will be corrupted. I necessary use 90 min media.

its 82 mb’s,not 82 wont fit on one cd.

You should say the size in minutes if you’re going to burn an Audio CD, and the size in MB if you’re going to create a data CD.

If you want to divide the MP3 file physically, you can use MP3DirectCut, MPEG Audio Scissors, etc.

If you only want to cut it for burning, you can use the Track Editor in Feurio: click the position you want to cut and press “Set end position” (Action menu).
If you use Nero, click properties of the track, and select the “indexes, limits, split”.
The original file will not be modified with Feurio or Nero.

wave repair, if you feel like decoding the file to wave, will find tracks automatically, and break them if you like.

Use cool edit to cut the tracks up