Mp3 quality?



I’m about to download some mp3s from a pay service, but they offer different qualities to choose from for your mp3s. Codec LAME & Codec Blade. Then within Codec LAME, they offer the choice of Constant bitrate, variable bitrate & quality selection. Can anyone tell me what the difference is between all of these and which I should maybe go with?


You definitely want to use LAME, Variable bitrate. Variable will adjust the bitrate to the music. If the music is slow & mellow it will use a lower bitrate. If the music is fast & hard it will raise the bitrate accordingly. Your quality setting, why not go with the highest available. Your file size will be larger but if space isn’t a issue than I would go with the best rate. You don’t want to go below 192VBR. I hope this helps you a little. Good Luck!!