Mp3 Pro

I was wondering if there are any applications that could tell me if
a mp3 is a normal mp3 or mp3 pro ??
Have some mp3’s with 96 Kbps bitrate. I found the quality better than i would expect from a 96 kbps mp3. I’m using Winamp 2.78 and i’m not quite sure if it handles mp3 pro formats. Couldn’t find any info at their website about it.

When you find a MP3 with a Variable bitrate and it shows only the the bitrate of the first second as the if it is the bitrate for the entire MP3 (WinAmp will show the variable bitrate, but not all players do), it might appear if the bitrate is 96kbps, but can very well be peaks of 320 kbps and thus have a great sound quality.

MP3pro is not very likely to make it since the quality is hardly (if any) better than MP3 encoded with LAME encoder and for example EAC.

I got a player from RCA.

It is the “RCA Mp3PRO” media player and it shows whether it is pro or reg. (Hope Micro$osft doesn’t sue me for using the words “media player” in this post) :wink:

Try this program for checking Mp3 bitrates/quality and Mp3 Pro.


Note: you will have to manually enter the Mp3pro file extension into the options so they show. Ogg files are not supported also.

Here is a link to Winamp plugin etc.