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How the mp3PRO technology works:
When making an mp3PRO file, the new mp3PRO encoder splits audio recordings into two parts. One part analyzes the…

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Nice! the sound at 64kbps is very acceptable played through the pro player, when higher bitrates are availble it should be very good :slight_smile:


Ok, how stupid am I. Where is the encoder so I can rip some cd’s?


U can use the player to encode at 64 kbits Another link to get the player at is :…_v1_0.exe


any idea how long its going to take winamp to support the format?


god: winamp already supports the format. As far as the quality is, I have the fps2000 speakers and I could tell every little pops and clicks. I gotta say, this thing sucks at 64kbps. Sounds like the people are underwater, they sound muffled. Far from the Lame encoder with the r3mix options, this encoder has to be thumbs down. I’d hate to say this but the Xing encoder has a bit more acceptable noise than this, and Xing is the crappiest encoder out there. :r


He night. Wake up! There is nu support in Winamp for mp3PRO. Winamp handles an mp3PRO as a 22Khz file. It leaves out the stream with the treble. That’s why it sounds so bad. Use the RCAplayer and judge again.:frowning:


Look folks, this is a NEW mp3 format - it has the extension of MP3 but it an encoder & decoder propieterized unto itself & any subsequent “MP3Pro” releases. It’s goal is probably more than just being “better than what we have now”! It will probably encapsulate some of the newer copy protections. It has to lure us in at being better - but the FREE WORLD of our favorite mp3 / DivX;-) sharing will probably always remain in the initial underground releases. By the time it hits corporate, like RCA, it is just that: CORPORATE. If it doesn’t sound good to some of you, it will eventually - you know that. But I would comfortably stick to what I know works, like Lame, R-F codec, & the DivX;-) Alpha release. Also, the newer Mp3Pro is going to render my Rio player pretty useless or at least, not that good - so I am sticking with what WE have made OUR “industry standard”…


You carry on about encoding mp3files & sounding good.Sometime ago I gave you a site which has a good encoding prog & it also converts from any audio file to mp3 &vice versa also any bitrate and it’s freeware I use it all the time.It can be found at - it’s the best around,it’s legal &it’s free Pano