MP3 players top teens wish list for holiday season

I just posted the article MP3 players top teens wish list for holiday season.

day, another study. However, this one is not pointing fingers, it’s collecting
data on what
is on every teens wishlist for a gift this holiday season. Up 9% from last
year, a full…

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I’d love to give an MP3 player to a few people on my list. Happily prices are dropping so who knows, it could happen. Oh, and kids… watch out how you get your tunes or the RIAA will wreck your New Year. You’re a mean one, Mr. Grinch… :c

Quite frankly, why anyone would want to listen to low bitrate, metallic-sounding music (MP3s) is beyond me. The difference in sound quality between an MP3 encoded audio file and a regular 16bit 44/48kHz CD WAV file is quite profound. The only advantage MP3s and other compressed audio files offer is space savings. In addition, I’d rather not let my kids ruin their hearing by listening to music at 100+dB - which is the level one needs to hear with these cheap and nasty MP3 players. I wonder just how many teenagers have actually read a decent novel in the last year or if at all ? Technology is turning teenagers and people into unthinking drones who become hopelessly dependent on such technology.

Bitrate, lol reading books well if your so inteligent that you would never listen to a lossy mp3 and it might hurt your ears you might also know that reading books is one of the leading causes of vision loss. I would much rather be a def old man than blind, personally I could use the def ness to my advantage as I’m sure people who are hard at hearing do. You also are not stating the bitrate of the mp3 at 256kbps I don’t think even you sir could tell the differance.
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Zeroi7 - you are a fool. I know eaxctly what MP3’s sound like even at 320Kb/s - they are metallic. My hearing is probably better than yours since I work with audio most of the day. Your claim that books cause blindless is complete and utter garbage. Are you for real ? Books encourage creative thinking and the worst that could happen with reading one is getting short-sighted. I suggest you get a life.