MP3 players (and files inside folders)

Can MPx readers (they’re mainly MP3 now, and MP3-plus-MP4 when it arrives) cope with folders? I’m thinking mainly about portable CD players that can decode MPx files.

When iTunes burns a CDR it takes everything out of folders and puts it all on the same level with number-prefixes (01, 02,…) and i think this is what most MPx readers are expecting, so there are no problems. (and also no options while burning, except whether to organize the “01, 02,…” alphabetically or by album-folder, which is a nice feature)

But with burning in Finder, DiskCopy, or Toast it’s possible to put MPx files inside folders, or maybe even in folders inside folders. This works fine if you’re doing playback on a computer (with iTunes or Audion) but would an MPx reader be able to understand the folder stucture, and let you specify which files you want to play (when you program the songs), and play them?


folder-reading capabilities depend on the player u have. most (if not all) of the newer mp3 cd players handle folders of multiple depth just fine, allowing u to browse specific folders. the ones that can’t handle folders usually either only read the mp3s in the root of the cd, or they relocate all of the mp3s into a single “folder” for u to browse. i have a 2.5 year old mp3 cd player that handles folders perfectly well, so i’d be surprised if there are still any coming out that don’t.