MP3 Player

I have an mp3 player thats works fine on my old computer on windows 98. My new computer is windows XP and it will not recognise the device. I looked on my old computer and the driver was VolSnap.sys. I have tried to download this file but cant find it. Would downloading this file help anyway or is it simply that the device is not compatable?

So how did the driver came onto your older computer’s harddisk??

i have an old mp3 player from 99’ it hooks up via the serial port i think, the old driver will only work with 98 ive tried making it work with XP and 2K and its a no go (the official site has long gone), its only 32MB and you can buy a 64MB player for £10 so its useless trying to get it working.

can i assume you arent hooking up via USB?

no it is usb and on my old computer it didnt need installing it just came up new device detected and worked.

Try a different USB port.
Turn on “recognise legacy usb devices” in bios.
Right click on My computer -> go to Manage->Logical Disk Manager & ensure that it has a drive letter, if it’s detected, but not assigned a drive letter.

Please specify what the actual device is, and we may be able to help you.
Aka -> Manufacturer & Model.

it doesnt say the make as it was bought off ebay, just says digital mp3 player on the box.

ahhh… eBay…


i take it other than the pc not recognising it it works fine? technically speaking XP should pick it up straight away as a removable device, are you able to test it with a different machine running XP? its strange that 98 would pick it up but not XP.

yes ebay and I expected alot more stick for it so thanks. Ill try another computer but it did seem strange 2 me that it didn’t pick it up.

Just for you then:)

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No it didnt work