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I have an mp3 player, and I can’t seem to get the songs in the order I want them. They don’t arange by name or size (that I can tell). I can’t figure out how to put them in the order I want

anyone know what gives?


I guess that it’s difficult to help if you just say “an mp3 player”… :wink: Please give more informations on the exact model you have.

Did you try with filenames like

(001) song title.mp3
(002) song title.mp3


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Is is a Scandisk Sansa.

I named most of the files as the song title.

I tried the rename the files putting number 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 in front so the MP3 player would play them first, but that did not work.

I put a z in front of the file name so it would get played last. That did not work.

there not assorted by date, that I placed them on the mp3 player either.

My MP3 player also tells the artist who sings the song, it is not ordered by artist name either.


It seems my MP3 player, doesn’t handle numbers at he begining of the file names very well.

It also seems like the MP3 player only uses the 1st 2 letters to put songs in alphabetic order.

the 10 songs I wanted 1st, I titled AAA XXXXXXXXXXX.MP3, the 10 songs I wanted in the middle I titled AA XXXXXXXXXXXXX.MP3, and the 10 songs I wanted last I titles ZZ XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX.MP3, then I had 10 songs with regular titles XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX.MP3.

the MP3 player mixed together the AAA files and the AA files. The regular files were placed in the middle, and the ZZ files were placed at the end, so I an almost there.

The files are correct on the computer, but when they transfer to the MP3 player the get rearranged.


the problem with numbering them 1,2,3,4,5 is that it will play one then 11 then 111 before going to 2 as already stated you need to use 001 002 and 003 and so on to get most players to play them in the right order. Most players will look at the first number which in the above example is a zero then look at the second number which would also be a zero then look at the third number so if you have past ten songs it will play all the
00_ first then go to the 01_ numbers. Know if you are going to go above 999 songs then you should start with 0001

At least I would try this and see if it will work for you