MP3 player to build yourself - the Loetronic Fallguy

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The German website reports about a little box, you can use to create your own MP3 player. This device is created by the German company Loetronic. This little…

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Ahh yes…The good ole Commodore c64, c128 and Amiga days… Those were real good times…

Well it indeed looks nice (goold old C64 eh) but the price is ridicolous… for that price, I can get a complete MSI MegaPC with way more functionalities… or just a DVD player that can play MP3s from a LAN (great solution!)…

Maybe it’s cheaper, if you solder it yourself. The kit kosts only about 180 Euro, but does not contain case and frontpanel. BTW: My C64 should still be working, but I haven’t used it since ages.

Micro Center has the IOMagic packaged Neo Jukebox made by SSI with a 20 gig laptop drive (mine’s got the same model that’s in my Toshiba laptop) for 199.99. I believe the SSI site has it available for 249.99 with a 30 gig drive, and it’s supposed to take larger capacity drives (I’ve seen people claim to have it working with a 60 gig). The biggest drawback I’ve so far encountered is that it’s only USB1 so I can’t get much over a meg a second, but as an MP3 player that’s not such a drawback (and it costs less that most MP3 changers with less than half the capacity). The entire unit is not much bigger than a personal CD player.
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can you say Heathkit?

…except Heathkit was frequently more expensive than buying the same product already assembled. :frowning: