MP3 Player - Single EXE Only?



anyone know of a software mp3 player that is ONLY a single exe ? i’ve been trawling through freeware sites, found minimp3 player but it uses .mm3 playlists - i need a player to use .m3u. thanks


Why is it a necessity to use only one .exe file? Would you be content just using an MP3 player that does not put much (if anything) in the system, such as Foobar2000 or WinAMP?


under extras, there is the PC version (uncompressed around only 400k file size) of the player. just ONE single .exe file, supports M3U…
have pfunn with it :wink:


mission - to create an autorun MP3 CD that contains MP3 player on the CD. must load playlist into player and begin playback automagically. i have done it. thanks all the same


If you said that I could have just posted this:


huh, thatz the hard way, my way assumes there is NO default mp3 player installed on the target system. and my way is WAY easier than THAT…and looks better too. in fact i discovered a number of ways to achieve this task. i rule ! :slight_smile:


I have run WinAmp from a CD before I think.

/me goes off to find the CD to check

Damn I can’t find it. I am pretty sure I did though. I think I made a playlist loaded it into WinAmp and then copied the files onto the disk. Simply as that. You can add a autorun command to the CD simply enough to startup WinAmp.

Now I remember. I did it so that I could take it to uni and use it on there computers because we couldn’t install anything on them. So it can be done. Version 3.xx I used. Maybe 2.xx. Sorry. Wish I could find the disk so I know exactly what I did.

I should read all the posts. It seems you have done it. Oh well.

  3. [highly recommended]
  4. long way, assumes you have an mp3 player that will run from a CD when “commanded” to, you have created a m3u playlist and placed any ohter files and commands into/onto the cd

uses either an autorun.inf OR shelexec