MP3 Player/Rippers/Burners Which Do you Prefer

I have been using MusicMatch Jukebox but lately I have been running into a lot of problems with it?

So what better way to find out what is the best out there by asking the CD Professionals!


THE best quality mp3z you can make are with the LAME codec

Visit these dues for all the info & downloads , good luck!

I agree with SkUnK_E, the best encoder is LAME. I find the best ripper is EAC (Exact Audio Copy). You can find that program at the same link as LAME.

I Also had a few prob’s with Music Match so started using Winamp to convert MP3 - Wav. No Prob’s now.

I use CDex v 1.30 to convert wav to mp3 and mp3 to wav. And i use Winamp too to convert to wav
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I use Exact Audio Copy or something like that to rip wavfiles and Fraunhover to convert them to mp3

i use audiograbber to rip the files, and the latest beta version (3.88b?) of the lame codec to encode them. i usually use 128k, normal quality for my settings. it’s still the best bitrate to trade with.

AudioGrabber rulezzzzz!!! :wink:

EAC Rules!!! No Doubt about it!!!

Use EZ CDDA Extractor v4.31 Beta 2 (latest). This is an excellent Ripper, and also has the latest lame codec incorporated into it for encoding as well as several others. You can even make .wma with it. (But I wouldn’t know why anyone would want to).