Mp3 player question--can I upload?

I am new to this forum–this is my first post, and I am not the least experienced person within the realm of computers, but I am certainly not an expert.

Recently my computer crashed and my sound card went out. The crash also disabled my cd drive, and as a result my 6 year collection of mp3’s have been rendered inaccessible. I was thinking of purchasing an mp3 player not only for its playback functionality, but also as a backup for my mp3 files. I have been doing some research and have been attracted to either a dell jukebox or an Ipod, based upon their popularity and large disk space.

I am particularly concerned with being able to upload the mp3s stored on the peripheral (portable) device my next computer. This is especially important to me, because I have been told that my desktop is very unstable, and when it crashes again, I will lose all my music.

My research has indicated transfering mp3’s from the dell jukebox to a different desktop/laptop cpu is not possible, and transferring mp3’s from the ipod requires a software install. I would greatly appreciate any feedback on whether this is possible with either of these or any other high capacity mp3 player.

Thanks a lot!