MP3 player getting stuck on particular files



MP3 player getting stuck on particular files

I recently bought an Intense MP3 Dancer, 2GB (price tag: 15euros), it’s a very basic player, nothing fancy, however I expect it to play mp3z without a problem, and for most files it plays them just fine, however it often gets stuck playing specific files, and automatically goes into pause mode.

I then have to turn off the player, and it jumps back to the first files it played, and keeps playing files until it gets stuck again on that same file that gave it trouble the first time.

Basically i can get about 20-30 songs out of it before it freezes up, and i when i investigate the file it crashes on, i can find nothing different about it (compared to other files), they are encodded as mp3, bitrate, joint stereo, filenames are correct, everyting checks out, it just doesnt like a particular file, and it crashes.


my advice… get a MP3 player that supports the open-source firmware ‘Rockbox’ ( it shows what players it supports on the main page although if your looking for something cheap that works well i recommend the Sansa e200 series from Sandisk.

i personally have a Sandisk Sansa e200 series (e250 (2GB) to be exact) and it works perfect AND supports just about any audio formats out there like .mp3/.ogg/.flac etc. (plus it’s got a user-replaceable battery/external MicroSDHC card support. i personally have a 8GB MicroSDHC card in it for a total of 10GB of space.)

so much more control of your device and it’s all standard stuff as it shows up as a drive letter in windows explorer without any extra BS programs needed. so you just copy and paste your MP3’s etc to any folder you want inside the device. nice and simple and SHOULD be the way most MP3 Players work instead of the forced software on you like Microsoft’s Zune and Apple’s IPOD stuff appears to be.

plus i am pretty sure you can find one of those pretty cheap nowadays online. either way, i doubt you will be disappointed with a DAP (Digital Audio Player) that can use Rockbox :wink:

p.s. even though Rockbox now works on both v1 and v2 e200 series players i would probably get a v1 mostly because of better battery life and USB transfers support using Rockbox itself instead of original firmware although i hear v2 ‘supposedly’ has a better sound chip etc. (i have a v1 myself and i got zero complaints) … the v1 and v2 e200 series look exactly the same so pretty much the only way to tell them apart is by the firmware version number which you can view in it’s settings… a v01.xx etc is a v1 and a v2 player starts with 03.xx.xx etc.