MP3 player earphones may affect pacemakers

I just posted the article MP3 player earphones may affect pacemakers.

For some people, hearing loss is not the only risk to watch out for when using headphones, as U.S. researchers found that earbud and clip-on type headphones used with MP3 players may also…

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Scary stuff!

It’s even worse that one patient had his or her pacemaker actually reset because the headphones were too close to the device!

Back in the 1970’s, when CB radios were very popular, some people would boost the output power of their CBs up to about 50 Watts or higher. In some cases, when they keyed their CB microphone within a few feet of a pacemaker or defibillator, it would cause the pacemaker or defibrillator to malfunction. That’s not too much of a problem today, with very few non-truckers using CB radios.