Mp3 player comes up with when I plug it into my computer, how do I get rid of this please

I am sorry I cannot see a brand name on this player as I bought it 2nd hand
First let me say I am absolutely and totally not mp3 knowlegable. So please excuse my ignorance. Each time I plug in the mp3 player I get this message comes up. has stopped working.
A problem caused the programme to stop working correctly
Windows will close the programme and notify you if a solution is available.

Can someone tell me how to get rid of this please. Everything seems to be working ok but this message is annoying the way it come up each time.

Is there some kinda label on it? or can you get a screen shot of front and back side? You should contact that person that you bought it from and get more info on the unit. Otherwise your left with a defunct working unit. How much did you pay for it? You best recourse is to get a refund from the person who sold you the unit if you can’t get the unit to work. Without enough information we are left in the dark trying to figure out what kinda player you have. Also that site doesn’t list on google as well so that means you now own a defunct unit that probably doesn’t work anymore unless I am wrong.