Mp3 player advise

I would like to buy this thing

and i don’t see anywhere in any pictures the answer to my problem: can I mount normal stereo headphones on this mp3 player? In the pictures i see only a mono headphones with only one speaker and no cord… so I am confused on this matter. Maybe one of you can help me. 10x.
Headphone (stereo mini jack)

Doh… /me stupid… I didn’t see the “stereo jack” part because un the it does not exists;sid=D0qhMyylP_ShNm37nV-rOGOqnQ4tfwRMfvo=?CategoryName=pa_DigitalMusicPlayers_ATRAC_CDWalkmanSports&Dept=pa&TemplateName=item%2Fsy_item_b&ProductSKU=DNS707F
and at the first time I didn’t see the “specifications” tab also. :stuck_out_tongue:
I saw the accessories on that page and they have wires! And a stereo jack! :smiley:
In the original image i see no wire and no jack :smiley:
10x for the reply.