MP3 Playback Problem After First

In the past I have been able to burn MP3s on a data CD and play them on my APEX DVD player with no problems. Recently I tried using Nero Express to create these CDs and ran into a problem. The first MP3 on the disk plays fine – but everything after that will not play. After about 20 seconds of silence the player moves to the next song and so on through the CD. I have tried to move to other folders and none of these songs play – just the first one in the first folder.

I’ve tried a number of options – data CD, MP3 CD, TAO, DAO, etc. all with the same result.

Any suggestions would be appreciated.

a freind of mine had a simular problem with recordnowdx and that was fixed by installing aspi 4.60. but nero uses its own aspi. you could try un-instaling nero using the nero clean tool (using add remove progs dosen`t get rid propley) and after re-instaling nero run info tool to check aspi.

also what program did you use to burn your discs before?

Thanks for the suggestion. I’ll give it a try. Not familiar with how to use the Nero info tool to check ASPI, but I’ll poke around and see if I can figure it out.

I had previously used Adaptec CD Creator. Maybe I’ll also re-install it and try using it and see if that works.

I tried HT Fireman as suggested and it still doesn’t work. Even the first file doesn’t play now. The program did identify some files with long names and I corrected those. Even after some of the file names remain very long. Could this be a problem? I’ll shorten them all and see. (although I don’t think the names were any longer then some of the previous ones that worked).

HT Fireman seems like a great program even tho it didn’t fix this problem.

I’ll just keep plugging away. I still need to try acko’s suggestion and maybe use a different burner. (I’m running out of CD-Rs tho).

Thanks again for the help.

ok, well that seems to eliminate the burning software from the issue. my best guess is that itz a file/s issue. also see if the “bad” cd will play from the cd/dvd drive on a HARDWARE level. that is, insert CD, press the forward/reverse button on the drive…

When I insert the CD in the DVD player, it recognizes the MP3 file - indicates it is playing song 1 (increments in seconds - no sound) - for about 20 seconds then moves to song 2 and so on.

I have just noticed a difference in the CDs that will and won’t play –

The ones I previously created in Easy CD 4 (which play OK) are shown as Data CD Mode 2

The ones from Nero and HT Fireman are - Data CD Mode 1.

I can’t see any way to create Mode2 CDs in Nero or HT Fireman.

I don’t have access to Easy Cd anymore - does anyone know what I can use to create a Mode 2 version to try?

I do not have that window with my version of Nero Express. It is an OEM version that I got with the DVD burner so I suspect lacking some (many?) features.

I was able to solve the problem. The MP3s I created were of old radio shows and I used 32 kbps bit rate and a sample rate of 11025 Hz for all but one of them. The one that played OK was at 22050 Hz. After converting them all to 44100 Hz everything worked fine.

Sorry to waste some of your time - but thanks again for the help. The HT Fireman software works great tho - clean and simple interface, very fast and I’ll use it from now on.