MP3 piracy claims another victim

I just posted the article MP3 piracy claims another victim.

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“Napster killed Kid Rock, there’s no doubt about it,” Rosen said. "As soon as that web site went up last…

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Het is een grapje toch? toch?
Anders ga ik me flink schuldig voelen.

Goddamnit! Reactions only in english, man people can be dense!

Good one…
Unfortunately I haven’t got a clue who Kid Rock is/was.

What’s next:
“Emenim kills himself, after Napster-users boycot the rapper!”

Thumbs up for the guy/girl who came up with this story!


I already heard Kid Rock a while ago.
PPL topped buying their CDs because they suck, their not even worth the bandwidth when downloading 'em.

My life will have a big hole in it without Kid Rock. Where to go? What to do? How will I live?
Oh well, the world will just have to go on with one less cheap shitty consumer product. Oh the belly aching of the impoverished record exec, the tour promoter and the starving lawyers. My heart bleeds. Sheesh.
Reactions in any language you feel comfortable.

Damn, I should start my own label even if I suck Big Time… Only cause Ill be popular On-Line when people start dl’ing all my shit… Just more publicity for me cause my shit getz around…

How much does it REALLY cost to put a music CD on the shelf? I see them all the time for $3.99 so production costs are’nt that high. If record labels and software producers in gerenral would put the stuff on the shelf at better prices, it would go along way towards reduceing downloads and increasing purchases. I myself rarely dl Mp3s for $10 bucks I’ll buy it, burn it, and sell it for $5 in about an hour. Can I download a CD in that time?
At $5-$7 a CD alot of people would prefer to buy, INHO

Kid who?
Kid Coco???

Have all his albums

Why do you have to convert the mp3 file to an AIFF sound file?? Just use nero and you can directly copy mp3 file as a audio cd. By the way, who the hell is kid rock!!!


This story is from the onion site, which is a gag site.

This is parody, not reality.

Sorry guys but when I read the news I was shocked and I started blebbering in my native language. I feel so bad. I immediately kicked Napster of my computer along with 1000+ mp3s of which 3 where from Kid Rock. If only I bought a few singles Kid Rock would still be alive I can’t let this happen to anyone else so I went and bought all the albums I owned twice! I encourage everybody to do the same so that these poor starving artists are fed! It has gone far enough!

Well let’s start downloading all those "bands"like n’sync, sclub7 and abbateens so they will quit the music bands so the music will be music again
(and not something to fill the pockets of the big fat rich recordcompanies :slight_smile:

he has gone to the wwf is alive and well!!! he is on raw this week

Fuck Kid Rock, he really sucks, and starving to dead, ppfffffff, asshole, get a life. You don’t just starve to dead after being a rockstar, i can also waste my money and starve, his records just dont sell because
THEY SUCK that’s all to say about it. And its very low to blaim it to the mp3-market

And if you’re so popular, why don’t you get food from someone?!? Or everybody just hates him like me…

Starve to dead?? Learn your grammer, you sound like a ten year old.

In response 2 sampoos post I dont know who the f*** kid rock is but I dont think people should be forced 2 go and pay 3.99 for a c.d.single
when half the stuff being thrown at us nowadays is simply shit, I do agree though for the genuine artists
I’m sure it can b a bit of a headache but 4 all the cheese meisters f*** em some1’s buying it 4 it 2 b copied!!!

I was joking

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