MP3 on XVID Conversion's No Good?

why is the MP3 conversions on XVID so bad, even at 128kbps?

i have used AutoGK 2.4 & FairUse 2.5 LE with and without the “Boost Audio Level” which i believe does not make any difference and is forced into boosting/normalizing audio levels because the sound i get at the start of the movie where silence is present, muffled hissy noise that is similar in characteristic to analogue tape.

i know for a fact MP3 at 128kbps does not sound that bad and i do believe the normalizing is forced even though “Boost Audio Level” is unchecked on FairUse and AutoGK gives no option and i have the same issue with both.

i am new to XVID conversion (generally work with DVD Shrink & DVD Decrypter) and i am attempting at converting Martin Scorsese Taxi Driver to CD. video quality is very good, unlike the audio muffled hissy that is notable during silence.

anyway, i just want to find out if this is a common characteristic of XVID conversions so that i may stop obsessing about looking for a solution that may not work and waste a hell of a lot of hours encoding to find out…

Does the audio sound fine before the conversion? Run the original AVI thru GSpot and see what it tells you about the audio.

try the divx 5.3 codec in auto gk instead of xvid

Xvid & Divx are Video codecs. Can’t see how they’d affect the audio codecs.

yes the audio sound is fine before conversion and i do agree the video codecs should not influence audio quality.

maybe i should not expect the original audio quality on XVID conversions… but as mentioned i have many 128kbps conversion from original cd and it does not sound like this…

[B]Mr Sleep:[/B]

It sounds like there is an issue with the conversion software, if as you say 128kb MP3 audio usually sounds acceptable. It is possible to do the conversion manually with other software if you are willing to learn.