Mp3 on dvd-dl



most stand alone players in their specifications it says that supports CD, CD-R\RW,DVD plus, minus, dual, blah blah blah … AND MP3, DIVX, MPEG4

in all these (which are the norm) mp3s can be read only from CDs or both all types of DVDs too ?

thank you


Not 100% sure what you are asking but i think its this if im wrong please post back…
Most standalones support mp3 on cd but not mp3 on dvd…
I have 3 standalones and only one supports mp3 on dvd…


yes, thats what I want
I want a standalone player that will play mp3s on dvd disk, to put a dvd disk with mp3s and play the music
can you tell me as far as you know which players do that ?


Go here and put a tick in mp3-dvd and you will get the players that support it…