MP3 on Audio CDs

Was trying to make an Audio CD of MP3’s,
15 tracks totalled 180mb;However, the running
time was 78mins, and thus no more tracks fit.

I converted from WAV to MP3 for the purpose of fitting
50 songs on a CD. Apparently, in audio burn mode, it is
not the file sizes but the running time that matters.
Thus, I could’ve set to 8kb/s low quality, but the running
time remains, and so I cant fit 3 studio CDs unto 1 CD.

Ifcourse, I could play my CDs in the PC, or in the DVD player,
but the CD player doesnt play WAVs. Then whats the point of burning
MP3’s on Audio CD’s?

Burn them as data files not audio.

Indexed audio and music players questions. Watch MP3 Players Audio and Sound . Is there an MP3 player that would hold about 300 CDs and can be used as.