MP3 Normalizer/Sound Enhancer for burning in MP3 format

Can anyone tell me a good MP3 normalizer and sound editor or enhancer to edit all my MP3 files? I want to edit my MP3 files that are on my hard drive to burn them on a cd, in MP3 format and not WAV format, so that I can play them in my new RioVolt SP100 player. Please if you know one that is good, easy to use, and is quick I would appreciate your input. I currently use Nero 5.5 and Roxio v5.0, but neither will let you edit the MP3’s and burn them in the same format. You either can edit the MP3, but it burns in WAV format only. Or you can make a copy of the MP3’s to a CD, but you can’t enhance the quality or normalize the MP3’s. You can email me, if it’s not a problem, at Thanks In Advance.

Try audiocatalyst but that can’t burn cd’s only normalize and rip mp3s…

by the way: whqat is normalizing? I don’t know what that mean exactly!

ever heard of this awfull good program CoolEdit Pro if you can get your hands on it and fhe mp3-plugin you can import all your mp3files and save them in mp3 normalized. never found anything better!!!


I’ve heard of Cool Edit Pro, and have it. However, the one I have is slow when editing each mp3 file. I don’t know if I have the plugin for MP3, but do you know where I can find that? Or get that? I appreciate your help.


Normalizing, as I know it, is when the volumes of different MP3 files are at different levels. Normalizing should level all those MP3’s to the same level, so that when you play the MP3’s you don’t have to adjust the volume from one to another. I hope that explains it, and I hope my information is true. Again, this is what I’ve been told about normalizing MP3’s.

Also, I’ve used audiocatlyst, and it’s just not what I’m looking for. I noticed that I received another post about Cool Edit Pro, and it’s too slow. You have to do MP3’s individually and not in multiples or a whole folder of MP3’s at once. In other words, you can’t equalize the sound quality, normalize, etc… multiple MP3’s in one command. You have to do that individually. That is the type of program I’m looking for something quick, easy, and that works for MP3 files, and not have them converted automatically to .wav files.

so listen carefully e4j2, without the mp3-plugin cooledit can’t handle mp3 files…thats one ,for another solution try easy CDDA wich program has a buildin file convertor and works perfect, but, if some work has to be done it takes time so let your pc do it when you’re away or to bed, so time isn’t that important!!!

]Hello, Try Audacity 1.3, maybe that will help you…