Mp3 normalization?



is there a software that normalize volume of a playlist created on winamp before burning to a 700mb cd? coz when im burning mp3 cd’s when sometimes few song sound so loud T_T…


I don’t use Winamp but I do use MP3gain prior to burning. You might find that it meets your needs.


hmm. i’ve heard some rumors, that if u use mp3 gain u will lose some quality? is that ryt?


Some find listening to the mp3 format to be enough of a loss that they refuse to convert their collections to a lossy format. Quality of sound is subjective and depends on many factors.

The changes made through mp3gain need not be detrimental to the listening quality although it is possible to increase the gain so that the sound is definitely distorted.

Many mp3gain users work on copies of their playlist and tweak the settings until they find a level that meets their needs.


FWIW MP3Gain doesn’t re-encode, it merely adds (or subtracts) a constant value from the data stream.