MP3 Network Problem

In a 3 system network at home I have mp3s on 2 of them. The problem is that I can only play some off the network but the next song on the list may not play.

EX.This being computer 1…EX.Network…EX.This being computer 2

  1. Cold As Ice <--------------><----------><----> Plays fine on Winamp
  2. Fire And Rain <-------------><----------><----> Plays fine on Winamp
  3. Hold On Loosely<-----------><----------><----> Will not play on Winamp
  4. Fake Plastic Trees<---------><----------><----> Plays Fine on Winamp
  5. Stray Cat Strut<------------><---------><----> Will not play on Winamp

So on and so forth
Any Ideas??