MP3+Nero+arrange tracks?

I created a compilation of my CDs using MP3 format to play it on my DVD player, so I don’t have to change them all the time. For stuff like this I’m using Nero. The problem I want these tracks in a ‘special order’. I drag&dropped all the MP3 files the way I like to listen to the songs and burned them like everytime. When listening to them Nero sorted them by ‘itslef’ like I’m using the shuffling option on my CD player. So my question, is there any way to burn the tracks in ‘my order’ using Nero or any other software which is able to solve my problem.

Thanks for any help :slight_smile:

You’ll have to rename your tracks with numbered prefixes such as 01_track, 02_track, etc to get them into the order you want. Otherwise, nero will just sort and burn them in alphabetical order.

Thanks for the info phil, will try this when I’m at home.