MP3 Naming


I have ripped on to my computer mp3s that only have track number and have no id info on them.(I ripped them without access to the internet) Is there a way to name all of these files by using an online CDDB? Do I have to rip the files again?

Any input would help


Try Tag&Rename, it can get the titles from freedb and/or

and all it requires is that the files be in a directory, numbered from track 1 to track x.

but only if all the tracks are from one single album,right??

which is the best s/w for this
lots of conflicting reports… T&r v/s mp3 tag…and a lot of others…do any of them supprt tagging of a single track or only of complete album

nothing will tag a single track, afaik. tag n rename will tag an album, from freedb, as long as they are sequential in the directory they are in.

however, u can alter individual tags in tag n rename, so if you know the name of a track, you can go to it.

manaully u mean?