MP3? MP3Pro Or LAME?

I was wondering, what is the best on getting your audio CDs in mp3? Is it MP3, MP3Pro or LAME? I did do some tests, and it seems that I can’t encode 44Khz using the LAME encoder. And even that, files encoded with LAME is bigger then the ones which is encoded with MP3 format. But does anybody know any right setting to encode at 44Khz and very good quality of audio using the LAME encoder? And also one interesting thing, I encoded with the same bitrates using MP3 and MP3Pro, and it seems that MP3Pro is actually BIGGER! and MP3Pro needs the player to play at it’s full quality while MP3 is smaller and no need a player to play. :slight_smile: So I prefer MP3 better! :bigsmile:
By the way, what method should I use as default next time? Can anybody recommand any settings that I can use? :slight_smile:
Thanks! :slight_smile:


with eac or Feurio

Questions 4 You:

  1. If you do use LAME with EAC, do you have to download any LAME plugins or such?
  2. Can EAC encode 44Khz mp3’s with LAME?
  3. How good is the file sizes?
  4. What is the best setting to get a good quality mp3?
  5. Where can you use LAME when encoding mp3’s?

Thanks! :slight_smile:

4.192 -320
5.don’t understand your question

4; also look in the help and search the web for alt extreme settings
5; in eac and feurio

3. How good is the file sizes?[/B]

Mesa very good !



going for the trophy…mr belvedere…

EAC seems to need to extract the song into wav before converting it to mp3, is there anyway to that it on-the-fly?
I know CDex can do it :slight_smile:

CDex can do it, but it doesn’t guarantee you secure ripping, so use EAC if you want high quality. EAC in secure mode + LAME --alt-preset standard are THE way to go if you want MP3s. :smiley: :bigsmile: :bow:

best site to look for info on audio encoding: This site has it all…mp3, mp3pro, ogg, aac, ac3 and the rest. It even lists out recommended lame, ogg and other compiles.

mp3PRO is CRAP, just read about it… it crappy

Lame 3.92

Use variable bitrate min 64 - max 256, default quality, joint stereo,filesizes are generally comparabale to 192kbps cbr

if you want to hear the difference between mp3PRO, a 128kbps CBR (Constant Bit Rate) and a 256 kbps CBR and the VBR 64-256 … don’t listen to it using your sound card coz it’ll have to pass through the DAC (Digital to Analog Converter), burn it onto a CD @ 4x or less then listen to it by: (or convert to wav then burn)

  1. Using an standard CD player, use hi quality earphones
  2. Use your CDROM, play in analog, and plugin your earphone onto the earphone socket your CDROM provides on it’s front panel (now why analog, coz if it’s digital you won’t hear it coz it is read by your CDROM as 1’s and 0’s, onto your system bus, and let’s the CPU convert it to audio signals, which will be passed to your soundcard’s DAC and… blah blah blah)

now you’ll here the difference… why 4x? well i read somewhere that 4x is the speed where you get better sounding audio cds…

have a look here…some codecs are compared

the latest lame version 3.92 is better than what was reviewed 3.80… but still it still ranks right on top =)

nearly same as my observations…

damiandimitri, PLEASE DO NOT EVER LINK TO R3MIX.NET. 90% of informations one can find there is either outdated our utterly WRONG. :a

And that’s true, I’m afraid…

Visit Hydrogen Audio - temporarily HERE, and read some REAL informations on codecs and psychoacoustics.

@ softwareguy : If you want very high quality, go to Hydrogen Audio, download LAME 3.90.2 (better than 3.92 and any other version) and just use “–alt-preset standard %S %D” command line for EAC. --a-p s preset has been created to achieve transparent quality. It contains code-level modifications regarding pre-echo control and A LOT of other things, which you can’t enable with normal switches. It has been tested thoroughly by thousands of people and has proven itself worthy.

It’s really something, you know. Go to Hydrogen Audio and read on codecs and stuff. You won’t regret. :slight_smile: :cool:

You sound pissed, that is ok…but i just gave that link to help people. It is a good start. And even if it is outdated, it still has some usefull information


the people on Hydrogen seem to have the same problems as we have; what sounds best…

It just depends on the people who listen to it. If you like it, use it.
And do not care about the theory behind it.

Well… I wasn’t pissed, just disappointed a bit. I apologize if I sounded like pissed off.

I agree with the idea of using what one likes. But usually it’s good to know something about the software one uses, just to be sure the encoder won’t trip on somewhat more difficult to compress reliably part of the song.
I really don’t like, because of the lack of objective info, lack of correct technical info and because of promoting --r3mix setting.

Yes, I have tested it myself. It completely fails with very short sounds and it completely fails with quiet music. A lot of soundtracks for exmaple sound like recorded from a tape. :frowning:

I really recommend to stay away from What Roel ranks as perfect may be perfect for him, but a lot of that fails too often to be taken seriously.’s forum is absolutely ok. site is not. Sorry, but that’s the way it is. :eek:

Originally posted by damiandimitri

going for the trophy…mr belvedere… [/B]

:slight_smile: , tell me what a “good” filesize is first… 1 meg , 0 bytes , 2 kb , 650mb ?? There are missing some creteria points :slight_smile:

hmm…didn’t mean the file size. I mean the election of the funiest moderator

( i would go for 640 mb, a eac secure mode wav image )

@ MArius

It is ok…I know what you are saying, but most people don’t care about the technical stuff, they want results.
ANd the --r3mix setting didn’t even work. But i found some nice other settings that sounded very good.

I’m glad you’ve found something useful there :slight_smile:

The problem is, it’s not the best setting around. That’s one of the reasons why I don’t like r3mix. You can’t find the best settings there, but you can find a lot of flawed ones and maybe one or two moderately decent. But not those best :frowning: