MP3 mix



Is it posible to create a large (700M) mixed MP3 file but with id3 tagging for each track. (something like Fuerio for audio CD).


Not that I know of, you could possibly add the tracklisting in the comments section of the tag.


I want to get information of each song which is playing at the time.


And I want a million dollars and a new car, but it’s just not in the cards. :iagree:


If I have got a milion dollars then I don’t need a car !!! :slight_smile: :slight_smile:


You can do it if you buy a portable i-river cd-mp3 player. Right now i-river has many modles that are at a price between $29-50 USD they show you your Id3 tag info while the song is playing and can handle MP3, WMA, Ogg. As for creating one giant Mix if I were you I would just burn seperate mp3 tracks.


Yes… if iRiver’s latest MP3-CD players are as near gapless as the old iMP-250 (which I have), then you should be quite satisfied with each song as its own MP3.


you can create a cue file for one large mp3 file and use a player like Foobar2000 that way you can see each individual track info…


That’s not possible beyond the artist name and the song title. You can get those to display with a cue sheet and a player that supports it, as has been suggested. Then in addiditon to foobar2000 you have the option of using WinAmp with MP3Cue or Cue Player plugins. You could use CueMaster to write your cue.