Mp3 mix + cue file -> mp3 cd without gaps?

I have several long mp3 mixes and the appropriate cue files and I want to put them all on 1 cd so I can play them in my mp3 cd-player.
The problem is that when I cut the mix with musiccutter and burn them I get a gap between the tracks.
I used the search but I couldn’t find the correct answer.
Is there a progam that can do this, or someone that knows that trick to do it?

You didn’t search well enough.
These days:

You haven’t said if you’re burning a data disc or audio disc.

With data discs (a CD with a lot of MP3 files), there’s nothing you can do: the only option is to keep the long MP3.

MP3 files contain a small silence at the beginning and end of file.

If you want an audio disc, you could manually remove that silence.