Mp3 Menu



Hello all :slight_smile:

I need some help burnin an mp3 disc . I want to add a menu , say for instance … when i play the disc on any native dvd or vcd player , I need options which would let the user decide to play the entire songs in the disc or select a particular album

Well , how does one say it :rolleyes: Suppose i am burnin 7 albums onto a disc [CD] when i play it on my vcd or dvd player i need a menu that should look somethin like this .

[b]Play All Songs [ which would play the entire cd in alphabetical order ]

Select Album [which will allow the user to select a particular album and play the songs of that particular album alone , after the user is done with it , he could navigate back to the menu and select another album ] [/b]

I hope I made myself clear :slight_smile: Is it possible , is there any s/w that would do the trick :stuck_out_tongue:

Any help will be highly appreciated :slight_smile:


mp3 is not suitable for DVD-Video and is not suitable on CD/mp3 CD with a Menu.

Check the manual of your dvd player.