Mp3 Listing Software Needed

Hey there

i am looking for a piece of software that i can point at my MP3 directory and from all the files ID3 tags take all their info and out put my own MP3 list in a readable format

any one know of any software to do this


Winamp can do it but one at a time. It won’t span the info towards several mp3’s at the same time.


Awesome program…

i thought mp3 tag n rename could do this, but i havent ever tried.

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Awesome program… [/B]

Wow! Somebody besides me posting about MACCC (I’m the author)! :slight_smile: If anyone wants to try a beta of MACCC that outputs a NICE PDF CD Insert (for jewel cases) - let me know - email me here:

Got Mp3 CDs? Make GREAT CD Inserts for them with
(it’s freeware)

K-MP3 :

pretty sweet tool kyle - all its missing is auto-querying of freedb (and thats quite a pain in the ass :wink: )

I’ll think about it !