Mp3 length

Hi, I have an mp3 file that is 7hours long. I can listen to it with Realplayer, windows media player and even divx player. When I add it to Nero programs, ie wave editor or express, it shows the duration as 56 mins and will only burn that length. Can anyone help? Many thanks Paul

What do you mean by “burn that length”? If you’re writing it as a simple file there should be no problem.

Time is not the best way to describe file size.What is its size in GB for instance.
What type disc are you trying to burn it to?

Let me start again. Ignore about burning. The file is 423mb and plays an audio length of 7hrs. I open Nero waveeditor 4 and add the file, so I can split it. But the total time shown on the waveeditor is 56mins and not 7hrs. The file plays the full length on media player, realplayer, Nero showtime and divx player. I have tried adding it to nero express/audio CD to split it, but same thing again it shows as 56mins. Many thanks Paul

If I understood correctly, you want split this mp3 into segments, right?

If yes, then you can use [U]mp3DirectCut[/U].

This software doesn’t require any installation (it’s a full portable app), and it is able to split a mp3 file into segments without re-encoding it (so no quality loss).