MP3 Jukebox program needed!



Hello, knows anyone a good program to play MP3’s like a jukebox. I found several ones but each has is advantages and disadvantages.

DJ2000 -> Only 75 nummers in demo (no catagory)
PartyPlayer -> No catagory, slow by 3000 numbers, always fade-out.
PCDJ red/silver -> Cant search for titel/artist
BPM studio -> lots of features, too much! (fullscreen??)

What I/m searching for is a program where you can put the music in different catagory (like ALCAS Music Master), can search for titel/artist, fullscreen/shell, cross-fading between tracks, simpel player (not too much mixing options etc.).

Can I manage to get above done with winamp + plug-inns?? (Which plug-inns needed??)


try the new winamp 5. It has a music library feature that groups by categories, can crossfade with the right plugin, is fast and easy to use. I’ve been trying it the last few days…it is far superior to winamp 3, it is really more of winamp 2 with better features.


I’m now using BPM studio… but I will give Winamp 502 a shot!


Maybe you try
it is a touchscreen jukebox software with autoplay, prelisten and more cool features. Pls. tell me if you liked the software.


Try Muzicman.


Virtuosa is a nice one.


try itunes, is a very nice mp3 jukebox (for me the best) and have very good search option.

you can try it at and its free