Mp3 jukebox / play manager



Now that I have a large collection of mp3’s I am looking for a program which makes it easy navigate through this large collection (25+ GB) and make quick playlists.

I found Muzicman and it looks very promising. But I was wondering if the CDFreaks members can recommend me any other similar program.

For your information: I am not looking for a one-in-all solution of a ripper/tagger/player/etc. I just want a program which can organize my mp3 collection like having a big jukebox player at home!


Would Winamp work for you? Youy can just point it to your MP3 folder,and it can play files at random,just like a jukebox,and you can get it right here


You may prefer Winamp 2.92 as many have called it better than Winamp 3 (which is very bloated). Here’s a link for Winamp 2.92:


No,no,no… winamp is definitely not what I mean. :slight_smile: This muzicman is great, it gives you great search capabilities on all your music, doesn’t matter where it is stored, shows you the cover while in screensaver mode, etc. A real jukebox program.