.mp3 Internal Tag Fixer

Does anybody know of a good Internal Tag Fixer for .mp3 files? Something that will set my tag’s Artist and Track Title to my <Artist> - <Song Title>.mp3 file naming convention.

Free, or Free Trial would be cool, but I’ll pay for one if I can get a recommendation…


Captain Jerry

This may be just what you are after, it works for me. Mp3 Tag Tools.

Tag&Rename works for me.

i second this! great program that not only does batch tagging and naming but allows you to do it in both directions (tag from filename or create filenames from tags)

when i finally buckled down to deal with my mp3 collection i had about 7000 files to retag. i’m well over 20,000 files right now all kept nice and neat with Tag&Rename. it’s a daunting task to begin, but once you get through the existing files it’s all maintenance after that.

Thanks guys, I’ll try both of these utilities.

20,000 SONGS? Dang! And I thought my 1,500 or so was hefty! But at least they’re all perfectly named, so a good utility should be able to fix the tags from the filenames.

I guess I discovered this internal tag problem like most people did… When I loaded my wife’s iPod for a trip I went on, it was tough trying to figure out how to find a specific song (Now was it Artists 37, Track 8 ~ Or Artist 54, Track 12?) LOL

Thanks again, I knew I could get some good direction and pointers here…


I’m sooooooo anal about organizing my mp3s haha. I had so many that were wrong or missing in the initial 7000 files that i actually selected all of them, removed ALL tags and started from scratch. many of them had to be manually renamed.

as it stands now, i have a temp folder…sort of like a holding cell…for mp3s that i’ve just ripped or downloaded that need their tags checked before being imported into my regular music folder haha.

once you get the initial chunk of it done , retagging stuff as you acquire it isn’t so bad (as long as you don’t let it build up again like i tend to do!)

i also forgot to mention that in addition to having nice organized tags and filenames, tag&Rename will also automatically create folders based on any tag information. all of my stuff is in folders by artist\album\artist - album - track# - title.mp3

it’s really a beautiful sight to be able to find and identify all of your mp3s haha.

I’ve been using Tag & Rename since it’s release back in September 1999.
I have not encountered its equal.

If I can’t find a music file in 15 seconds, then it does not exist on my system.

All files are named and tagged (without underscores, underscores are not a part of my vocabulary).

All music is sorted by genre, artist, album track number and filenames.

Thanks to Tag & Rename, with a little help from Winamp (manual quick edit on the fly).

LOL, you’re not the only one!

The player I use (QCD) lets me rename/retag multiple files at once too, so it’s handy for me.

musicmatch jukebox used to be my FAVORITE for tag management but the player itself sucks and it’s a huge resouce hog so I was using that for tagging/renaming and using itunes for library browsing and playback.

once i found tag and rename i ditched musicmatch and use itunes to manage my library. i like the layout and format of itunes and how i can organize my library pretty much anyway i want (as long as i keep all options to give itunes control of my life OFF in the settings).

itunes also offers batch tagging options if something is fishy and with the addition of the third party “Itunes Library Updater” software it will automatically scan my self-defined music folder for new files and add them to my library (otherwise you have to import ALL new additions to the library)

[B]Mp3 Tag Tools works nice (and it’s free!) Thanks!

Question… What’s the difference between ID3v1.1 and ID3v2.x ???
Why 2 of them? Who uses which one? When you view the properties of an Mp3 file, which do you see?[/B]

From what I’ve noticed, ID3 v2 allows for longer tags (song titles etc). With ID3 v1 I noticed my tags were truncated in some cases.

Other than that, I have no idea. Hopefully someone else does :slight_smile:







ID3v2.4.0 informal standard structure text


:cool: :cool:

Tag and Rename is the probably the best but The Godfather is supposed to be pretty good too. It’s also free.

AudioGrail is more up-to-date : www.kcsoftwares.com/?kmp3

Tag’n’Rename and Godfather are a bit outdated now …

I usually use mp3tag.de (freeware) but since i started ripping all my cds i found Tag&Rename has more value since it can find information from freedb and amazon.co.uk/de/com and even inserts a ton of information + some cover art in the tag. I’m amazed by the large number i get recognised from those sources and it saves me a ton of time even if that too takes some time. I think i’m finished sometime late next year if i’m lucky :wink:

You should try AudioGrail for sure… TnR has been a pionner for year … but AG does MUCH more with better and more accurate results !

I intend to check it out. Thanks :slight_smile:

Me too, I’ve been using Mp3 Tag Tools, which does everything I want it to, but I’m always looking to try new stuff, add it to my aresonal if nothing else! LOL

old thread sorry…ever try mp3scrub? did a decent job automatically cleaning up the tags in my collection

another ressurected “Lazarus” topic…

But since it’s “alive” however temporarily, the only tagging program that I use is TagScanner
(current version is 5.1 Build-596)

It’s a free download but the developer accepts donations