I can't get DVDX to encode with mp3, even though I have multiple mp3 codecs installed. Any suggestions?


mp3 is not included in the divX-codec; DivX is only the video.
You can use virtualdub; it uses the DivX codec for the video and the mp3 codec for the audiostream. Both streams are combined into 1 .avi file.
PS: use at least 500Mhz PC; otherwise synchronisation might fail between the two streams when playing the file.


Thank you for that blinding flash into the obvious…

However, there are two codecs you use when encoding into avi, a video, and an audio.

I am trying to make it use the mp3 audio codec.


Then I just don’t understand what your problem is.
I mostly use Adobe Premiere to export an uncompressed .avi file to DivX, still with .wav sound (adobe doesnt’t support .mp3 exporting for avi’s). Afterwards, I use virtualdub to compress the audio (videostream is set to “direct stream copy” and audio is set to “full processing mode” to encode to mp3)
I have both radium and lame-encoder installed and works fine.


The only reason I use DVDX is because I don’t have the harddrive space that what you recommend requires.

Otherwise I just use Flask and SmartRipper.


According to the DVDX Manual, the Radium codec is the only MP3 codec that is supported.

Do you have the Radium MP3 codec installed?


Yep, got it.