MP3 in a DVD



I copied all my MP3 in a MAXELL DVD (Sony 710A Writer) using Nero MP3 option, it plays well in Winamp and when I loaded in my Pioneer DVD player it says “Can’t Play” and stops.

Pls advice, how to record in DVD so that it can be played in DVD player too.


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Not all DVD players will handle a DVD with mp3’s. What is the model of the player?

My Pioneer will as I’ve just done it.


My Player model is DV-350-S from Pioneer. Its URL

Which model do you own. How can I find if a model can play DVD MP3?


Many DVD / MP3 / JPEG players that will play “anything they can” on CD-R, do not extend that capability to DVD-R, playing only correctly formatted DVD material.

If it can handle DVD Audio, then this might be interesting
But it looks like that model cannot.

Only other possibility, is to make a DVD Video with low video bitrate, which should allowquite a few hours of audio that would play on any DVD compatible platform.


According to this list, your player does not support DVD-MP3.