MP3 Identification Software



I have a bunch of old MP3s on my computer which are titled the usual Unknown Track 1 etc. Might anyone know of software that can automatically rename them? I believe ID3man used to do this but it looks like the website has permanently shut down. I’m just hoping there’s a way to get some of them renamed without my having to go through one by one and selecting the info from a database.

Any help would be tremendously appreciated!


If there’s no tag or correct file name then no. You have to at least give them a name and even then you may still have a hard time. Some artists may have several versions of the same song on different CD’s.


The latest WinAmp can do that no problem. View File Info -> Auto Tag -> done. As far as I can tell about 98% accurate.


Works like a charm! Thanks so much!


I advise you to downlaod and install latest version of mp3 player availble. I hope this wil fix the problem.