MP3 How?

I have a cd burner that came with my compaq computer and i can burn cds etc. But can I burn mp3’s how are tehy done and is there a certain type of media i need? I have a mp3 player but don’t have mp3’s i have tons of music to burn but I simply don’t know how to make a mp3 disk…thanks

There’s plenty of software around to convert audio. CDEX does a good job of ripping from CD to MP3. If you go to or you’ll find looks of free software for this.
I use Roxio’s Easy Media Creator to create MP3 CDs as it writes the MP3 tags. Nero should work as well but I’ve not used it for this purpose. There must be free software for this part as well, probably on the sites I’ve mentioned.
Hope this helps.

thanks for the info is there a specific tool i can use to make my own mp3

i have tons of music but only certain songs i like

iwant to put my fav songs one-by-one on my mp3

i don’t have like just certain complete cd’s i want to put on the mp3 just a collection of diff songs.

I’d use CDEX to rip either all CD tracks or just the ones wanted & then build up a directory structure splitting the tracks into categories ( if that’s what you want ) & eventually burn them to a MP3 CD with , say, Nero or Roxio.