MP3 Help

Hello. I recovered from a hard disk which wouldn’t start anymore all my MP3 files. The problem is I cannot play any of them. The size looks normal but when I try to play them with any player I get the message “File not recognized: it’s not a MPEG file”. What can I do? I’m really desperate. Please help me. Thank you

You provided very little info to go on but it appears that either the recovery software you used was not properly configured, not up to the task or that the files were cross-linked. You could try a different recovery software/method, but I would not get my hopes high.

The software was Easy Recovery. I recovered only the files marked as ‘good’ and ‘deleted’ (so no cross-linked, bad size, wrong date, wrong name and so on). I was hoping there could be some kind of software capable to fix them. Comparing them to a few that I had saved on a CD I noticed that the recovered ones have a slightly bigger size. Will I definitely say goodbye forever to them?

Easy Recovery Pro is what I use and recommend as well. Unfortunately it seems to have issues with media files. The other day I deleted a working 200MB video, bypassing Recycling Bin. Half an hour later I decided to recover it and ERP reported successful recovery, no errors. Neither did it mark the file as cross-linked. Yet the “recovered” video would not play.
So you should start thinking about another way to restore your collection, as well as regular backups to another hard drive and/or optical media.

Well, I used GetDataBack as well, but the result is the same, apart from the fact that the files are renamed by the software and it’s harder to recognise them. The common result is that the files can’t be played. As you said it seems these recovery softwares have some kind of problems in recovering media files while the other files are recovered with no problems…