MP3 gone from WinXP, and it's not coming back



I just posted the article MP3 gone from WinXP, and it’s not coming back.

TheReg also reports that Microsoft will not ship MP3 ripping software with their latest Operating System Windows XP.

Microsoft’s story is that the MP3 encoder that shipped with earlier…

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Well, I don’t see any problems in this. People can just get EAC/LAME. Better quality too.


I agree. Who needs it build into the OS anyway. It’s not a core requirement for any OS. Plus - if it’s built into the OS it means that updates will be slow and far between. Also the quality of LAME and EAC will always be far better.


I wasn`t planning to use win xp anyway, but I guess microsoft will in the future force us to use it… but like clause and nila said who uses the built in mp3 encoder anyway ?


Ogg Vorbis Who needs MP3? :slight_smile:


ppl with a portable player? Ogg Vorbis is indeed good, I always use it on BeOS.


Who needs XP?


Who needs XP? EASY!! Anyone who’s using any MS OS to date. They all suck, thankfully the newer ones are slightly more stable due to the fact they’re built on the NT core but with multimedia capabalities.


Here we go again…If you don’t like Microsoft, don’t use/buy/copy their products or make a better/stable OS by yourself. Or just be one of the many lamers who keep shouting, but don’t do anything about it! :r


I agree with Euphoria, many people slag off Microsoft saying that their operating system(s) are crap, well why do so many people buy it? Also Linux has problems also :stuck_out_tongue: