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A long time ago we reported about the successor of MP3: MP3Pro. We didn’t hear from it since a long time, but now Ghostbuster had something new about MP3Pro to submit:

MP3’s creators ready a…

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Oh, MP3Pro is surely available… Go to and there you can download an MP3Pro Player/Encoder! It only supports Encoding at 64kbit/s, but I think it sounds damn good… Check it out! :wink:

So is it now finalised fully then? Like for standalone files as well as streaming ones? If so, does anyone know any good encoders for it? Also, anyone know if the guys that work on lame are going to start working on this new format? If it’s better then the old mp3 which it should be, then the LAME guys should start using it instead.

I forgot something: The MP3Pro Player/Encoder also plays “Old MP3” Files… No Problem though! :7

Like easy123 said: there is a free download at the address he gave - the encoder & player. This codec has a definite sound - a sound characteristic unto itself…more testing is needed - try it & write your comments. Compare it with Lame & Fraun…How much of the ‘‘code’’ that went into this new Codec is for copyrighting & protecting? - time will tell…

Can someone post a few demo files?

MP3Pro works with a Duplex Audio Stream… at 65kbits/sec… MP3PRO kan be played by Winamp Only that program will only play one of the 2 streams so a Mp3 will be 22100 Hz and the sound will be fucked up… With The Decoder (player) delivered with the software you can hear that the mp3 sound GREAT !!!

o GREAT SOUND!!! I converted a WAV file to MP3 and MP3PRO and the PRO file is about a 50percent more small than MP3. The sound Quality of Mp3PRO AT 64kB IS BETTER THAN MP3 at the same bitrate, sounds very very very very GOOD (I think is near or equal to 128kB Sound Q) I can play de PRO file in WINAMP but the Sound Q is very very POOR, sounds like 32kB or similar. HAIL TO MP3 PRO Sorry about my english y saludos a los Españoles.

Sweet! Can it need more powerful computer to decode mp3pro files? I have 233MHz,I hope that I can decode files like I used to do with normal Mp3s… :d

yes… i checked the cpu power needed with a normal mp3 at 128kb and a mp3pro at 64kb and the mp3p sucks less resources then the normal mp3 :slight_smile:

Superb program :wink: Normal Mp3: 3MB Smame Mp3 in Mp3Pro: 1MB I’m converting all my mp3’s to mp3pro.

Very good audio encoder, i’ve just test it with a sound frequency analyzer but again this low pass filter at 16KHz. Wait for higher bit rates encoder if you want quality. :4

It’s good to know MP3 is evolving. :wink: For some time now, I only encode my music files into MPEG-4 AAC (Advanced Audio Coding) which I think it has much more quality than MP3. You can encode a maximum of 48 channels at 512 kbit/s (max). :9 You can check out more about it at: If you need more info contact me. :slight_smile:

ogg vorbis, yo. i wouldn’t be surprised if MP3Pro turns out to play right into the hands of THE MAN (a.k.a govt. and all those music companies). i like having original files on my hd, in good quality, and small size, and FREE.