MP3 Format finally on the decline giving way to other formats

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        While MP3 has been the most widely used digital audio  format on PC's and portable players for many years, its usage is actually on the  decline according to research at NDP Group's...
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0% said AAC sounds best!!! who the hell did they ask? the deaf society? mp4 AAC is fantanstic! mp3 lacks the high end freq response, 15Khz+ is gone…

Bwuhahahahahaha! The ignorant once again speak their mind on concepts they do not understand! :S MP3 is holding ground. With the penetration of DVDR drives, users can now backup their entire MP3 collections onto a single / few DVDR & use the HD space for larger things, like P2P downloaded movies :d

For those purists who must absolutely only listen to music, the range of which incorporates the very upper and lower frequencies of the human spectrum, fine, bring in your dog so it can enjoy it too!!..for deaf peasants like me, mp3 is just fine…:X

[I]…MP3 format on consumer’s PC’s has dropped…[/I] Bulls**t As a human I can’t diffrentiate sound higher than 22Khz (unless I become a mutt). So any format offering >22KHz is useless. Il will still use MP3 in years to come…

WMP is the reason why wma is picking up. Loads of people I know who are computer noobs use it - why, because they dont know they’re using it. They think they’re ripping to mp3 but in actual fact WMP is ripping to wma but they never realise. Alot of people are also now changing and using lossless formats for their music when they rip it because drives are getting so cheap and they figure use the best quality available if they’re going to the effort of ripping all their music. I personally am sticking to mp3 and love it, long live the mp3, DRMless and sounding great to these dinky ears of mine on my cheap(ish) (£50) set of speakers. I’m not doing some audio listening test, I just like music and mp3 works great :slight_smile:

I would love to use OGG but I have to use MP3 in order to listen on my Nomad.

Hei Sherrif, if you have the choice between fresh squeezed fruit juice and one made from concentrate containing at least 8% of natural fruit juice and you choose this one, ok. It’s up to you…but don’t snob around criticizing the ones that prefer the real thing…even if they bring the dog!!!

Something strange happened here…I did post an answer…it seemed to be there, and now is gone. I was telling Sherrif that’s up to him to prefer a juice 'made from fruit concentrate containing at least 8% of the real fruit" to a fresh squeezed juice, if he has the choice. But he should not criticize the guy that prefers the real juice, even if he takes the dog with him. In fact, probably you will not listen to the >22KHZ frequencies and Digital Audio CD is limited just to frequencies between 20 and 20KHZ…from there and taking out almost 80% you get MP3. The problem is that the higher frequencies are not just to call the dog, just ask your doctor and he will talk about a liquid that has micro bones in suspension, and about that some sounds that you can not ear but prepare this system for the change of frequencies and so on… You ask to a musician and maybe he will talk about transients, accords and other stuff that have an impact on the things you listen…even if only the dog can ear them. Ok, you listen to music using the computer, Ipod, or other device and it sounds great to you. It will sound good to me too, for sure. But feed the same stuff to a good system and you will see/listen the difference. Vinil 'died" for marketing reasons not for quality ones. CD was promising you heaven, even if it was not true. Now they sell you MP3 of the Microsoft similar and promised you CD quality, that it is not there. They try to dematerialize music, sell you files and use DRM to control the use you can make of it…they don’t care about quality, but business figures. Don’t be mislead, music files are a product, just a product with pros and cons, but when it comes to music you should not give up the exigency for quality, otherwise you will end up paying the same high price just for second tier goods.

If I had a choice, Id encode in OGG… But current marketing conditions dont give you the choice… You see, MP3 is the current standard, OGG isnt… I cant walk into the local electronics store and pick up a OGG CD/DVD player for the home or auto… I cant even pick up a mini portable OGG player… MP3, while limited when you compare it to other formats, is pretty much all thats being marketed right now (along with WMA, Sony’s ATRAC and others)… Im pretty happy with it… If you use LAME 3.96 and the r3mix encoding instructions, you will get a pretty clean MP3 with a good VBR and a filesize…
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Ogg Vorbis is the best. And IRiver makes some nice Ogg Vorbis playing capable protable audio player

Slight disagreement - CDs are not limited to >20 Hz. I can play back 0.5 Hz just fine all day. The human ear can’t hear 0.5, but the fact that my subs move at 1 cycle per 2 seconds shows the playback capability is there. Plus, with a good 15" sub, you’ll swear that you can hear 15 Hz! :B

I will not argue about that Keefyboy, but I always read this about Digital Audio standard for CD-DA and the reason his that they did cut the frequencies around the ones humans can hear. Maybe this is not the perfect cut as you say, but you also can hear frequencies generated by the electronic equalizing processing …remember that the wave to develop 5Hz will demand a quite long distance, and even for 15Hz you will need a reasonable number or meters for one cycle of the wave…and 'subs" are there to produce low signals in shorter distances…sometimes sounds that don’t come exactly from the source…but this is just an opinion, as when it comes to 'simplified" sources that eliminate 75-80% of the signal what you get is the 'psycho" effect the creators of the algorithms consider as necessary for you to listen to.:S

uh? That’s not what was said. What was said was that 0% thought AAC was important. This is not a qualitative measure of the format but wether it interests people or not.

mp3 seems good

Bullshit - older Fraunhoffer and other crap codecs not only cut sound above 15Khzish, but added loads of distortion into the higher freq range. Recent Lame builds the past year or so are great upto approx 18-20Khz - you choose the setting. To say with mp3 anything above 15Khz is gone is ignorant - you talk bullshit and make yourself look a fool.

The prior post was to the ‘with mp3 above 15Khz is gone’ post - but it seems you cannot quote individual feedback (did not work for me). I should have added the ‘bullshit’ after the false claim, not before.

To finalize this: MP3 is OK for most people. The 10% remaining should bever rip the Audio CDs/DVDs because the original always sounds better. I don’t like WMA neither OGG, but I was pretty impressed how good MPC sounds. If I’d have to change from MP3 to other format, I’d choose MPC. But that’s not the case, MP3 is OK for me. I don’t have Home Theater or very expensive speakers, I don’t have extremely good hearing abilities, so I’ll just stick with MP3. Besides, I don’t feel like re-compressing my entire MP3 collection :smiley: