Mp3 files to clone cd

The problem I have is trying to separate mp3 files so as to copy them, ie, I have a cd disc which contains 4mp3 audio albums, but only want to copy 1 mp3 file,Is this possible,and is it even possible to copy an mp3 at all, I don`t seem to be able to do this, although it did copy all of the 4 mp3 files onto another blank disk. Please advise me if poss.

And you use CloneCD for this purpouse?

I have an easy solution for you. On your desktop, you should see an icon, with the name ‘My Computer’.
Open my computer, and choose your CD-ROM (the one you have the disc in) and doubleclick.
Choose the songs you want, anc rightclick, choose copy.
Paste the file somewhere else by rightclicking and choose paste.
[/Sarcasm] :slight_smile:

Hard enough for ya?
:wink: :wink: :stuck_out_tongue:

That’s what I call a NEWBEE :LOL … Let me give you a littel advise … GET NERO BURNING ROM … ( )

Use Nero.