MP3 files making this sound: ............tsk, tsk,tsk between a song



E.g. bla bla tsk bla tsk bla tsk

Were bla stands for music
tsk stands for a f**king tick

How to get rid of it.


Nice words

tsk tsk
i think you’ll have to get rid of the chipmunk in your player…

OK don’t burn on the fly (slow reader etc)
or defrag your hd a little more often.


No I think you dind’t understand me. I have an audio cd 80min. Which I ripped. Track 28 makes bla tsk bla tsk. Could it be a scratch of a ‘stofje’?


sounds like your cd has a scratch in it… try ripping the audio from the cd at 1x or 2x…




Lets see…
with what prog did you do it?
and only track 28 ? has the problem?


I used audiocatalyst 2.1 from XING. I’m now at school and I can’t visit this site due all teachers patroll in this library. I ripped track 28 & 31 @ 1 x. Track 31 has the famous TSK too.
Wainting for more replies, your Flappie.


ok now we know more…
but with what kind of rip method did you do it?

i suggest you rip it with…dynamic syncr. witdh…
and to a slower reading speed.

so not to default but apply to 2 speed.

hopes this helpes…


… wie niet slim is moet cd freak worden…
[Your own words…a little advice to you…this is not the dutch forum, so read the rules. I’ll guess you’re a long way from being a member ]

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And who are you to tell him???


And who the hell are you to ask him who he is ???


I ripped all the tracks with the buffered burst ripping method. Track 1-27 seem to have no problems at all. Only 28 and 31 have the TSK. I ripped them with my Philips 3610 2x2x6 IDE recorder and the y have the TSK. I thought maybe it is the CD-ROM. So I switched it with my old vertos 2 speed. The TSK is still there. So I thought maybe it’s the speed of the cd-rom or it can’t properly read 80’min. So I demolished my dad’s comp which has a 36 creative cdrom. The TSK is still here.

I did follow your advice to rip it with dynamic syncr. witdh @ 2x but it still has the TSK.

I thought: if I make a 1:1 with cloneCD, maybe it’s gone. But clonecd won’t make a imagefile. It reports after several minutes: “cd not ready” or such thing. And with my 2x it is not at all possible to make a image. What next to do. I don’t have any ideas.


What a pitty,

Can you tell me what is the of the cd?

or mail me personal im sure we can work this problem out.


Finally here is the solution in english!! woehaa! You should use a better grabber… I already shouted months ago that plextor’s own grabbing system isn’t that great. and audiocat and audiograbber are also troublemakers… But then who am I… (ever heard of windac? Eac?)
its hard to be king no scratch that a duke


WinDac32 1.50 also sucks.
Sometime also “tsk” in the beginning of the ripped cd.
The only way the get the wave is to use recording it with an stand-alone cdplayer and spindoctor of ECCD4.
After this u have to edit the wave-file in Steinberg wavelab.
It took me some weeks to solve this prob.
It started when I changed frm Abit BP6 to MSI 6163 with a faster cpu cel 366 to cel 466.
The ripping was 13/14 now 16/17.
This does not happend all the time so you can do it with the corrupted files only.



Could you please give links for WINDAC or EAC? Thnx


Does spindoctor and the prog’s you name… get rid of tick sounds in a wav after you have ripped it? or is it just a better way to rip your cd’s?


If it’s a 1:1 COPY of an audio CD your after try using Blindread and then burn with FireBurner. It works every time.


but if you make a 1-1 copy then what about the use of sect sync? is that still as default?


Try this one. Use Easy cdda extractor at the slowest speed to put the audiofiles unchanged on your harddisk. If the “tsk” is there already, you can be shure that your original cd is th cause.