MP3 Files Lose Tag Info When Burned to Disc

I’ve ripped some MP3 files.

They have ID3v1 and ID3v2 tags.

If I burn them to disc with Nero and then play them from the disc with Winamp, Winamp’s file info reveals no tag information.

Winamp does see the tag informaition on the original MP3 file on my hard disk.

How are you burning them through Nero? As data, or as audio? Or as a special “MP3-CD” somehow?

I burned it as a data disc.

I thought that was the whole point of getting as many songs on a disc as possible.

  1. you rip CDs, but MP3s are encoded
  2. describe the steps you take to burn the CD, starting with ripping the CD
  3. get an ID3 tag editor like ID3-TagIt and run it on the originals and the copies and report the tag versions found on both.

CDex or EAC to rip to 320-bit MP3 with tags.

Winamp and TagScanner from can see the tags.
I use TagScanner to make any tag adjustments and to add v2 tags.
Winamp and TagScanner can see the tags I’ve added with TagScanner.

Nero/new compilation/CDROMO (ISO)

Under “Multisession” tab

  • “No Multisession” checked

Under “ISO” tab

  • File name length = Max of 31 chars (ISO Level 2)
  • Format = Mode 1
  • Character set = ISO9660 (standard ISO CD-ROM)
  • “Joliet (Secondary volume descriptor and directories using Unicode)” is checked
  • “Allow path depth of more than 8 directories” is checked
  • “Allow more than 255 charachters in path” is checked
  • “Allow more than 64 characters for Joiliet names” is checked

Under “Dates” tab

  • “Use the date and time from the original file” is checked

Under “Misc” tab

  • “Cache files from disk and network” is checked
  • “Cache files smaller than 64KB” is checked

Under “Burn” tab

  • “Write” is checked
  • “Finalize CD” is checked
  • Write speed: 8x
  • Write method: Track-at-once
  • Number of copies: 1
  • “Buffer underrun protection” is checked

You mean 320kbps, not 320-bit. Big difference.

Yes, that’s the coffee I.V. kicking in.
That was shorthand for bitrate.